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FAA Written (Knowledge) Test Prep Software for PocketPC™ / Windows Mobile™ <br> Sport Pilot - Instructor and Examiner - Order Page  FAA Written (Knowledge) Test Prep Software for PocketPC™ / Windows Mobile™
Sport Pilot - Instructor and Examiner - Order Page
FAA Written Test Preparation

Thank you for your interest in registering (purchasing) the GroundSchool for PocketPC software (Sport Pilot - Instructor and Examiner test group). In order to register / purchase, you need to have already downloaded the demo software and installed it on your PDA. If you have not done this yet, click here to visit the GroundSchool page where you can download GroundSchool for PocketPC and/or PC.

To Purchase GroundSchool for PocketPC (Sport Pilot - Instructor and Examiner test group), follow these three steps:

1Select Your Purchase Type
The currently selected type has a yellow border. Click on a choice to change.


2Read the Terms and Conditions
Both here and at the bottom of the page.



3Enter your Device ID
Which you obtain from the GroundSchool software installed on your PocketPC

This page is for those who have already downloaded, installed, and tried the demo version of GroundSchool for PocketPC and now want to purchase it. In order to purchase the software, you must provide below the DEVICE ID that is indicated in the software.

It is very important that you type the Device ID completely and correctly, as once the purchase process is complete, your software will be unlocked for the PDA with that Device ID ONLY and you will NOT be able to change this. If you double check this, you should have no problems. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask us FIRST via our helpdesk.

Your DeviceID is a series of nine characters - the first three are the letters GSW and the last six are digits. Remember, you must have installed the Groundschool for Pocket PC software onto your PDA in order to get your Device ID, and it is not possible to purchase the software until you do so.

Click here if you are having trouble locating your Device ID.
Device id :

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions

?Which Tests Will You Be able to Study for?
The above is for unlocking the Sport Pilot - Instructor and Examiner test group.

This page is for purchasing / registering the GroundSchool for PocketPC Sport Pilot - Instructor and Examiner group. This means that after purchase you will have full and unrestricted access to study for any/all of the tests listed here (subject to the terms and conditions outlined below)

Sport Pilot - Instructor and Examiner   
The Sport Pilot - Instructor and Examiner test bank includes all of the tests listed below. When you register/buy this test bank, you will get full access to study for all of these FAA written tests.
Flight Instructor Sport Airplane
Flight Instructor Sport Powered Parachute
Pilot Examiner Sport Balloon
Pilot Examiner Sport Weight-Shift-Control
Flight Instructor Sport Balloon
Flight Instructor Sport Weight-Shift-Control
Pilot Examiner Sport Glider
Pilot Examiner Sport Gyroplane
Flight Instructor Sport Glider
Flight Instructor Sport Gyroplane
Pilot Examiner Sport Lighter-than-Air
Fundamentals of Instruction
Flight Instructor Sport Lighter-than-Air
Pilot Examiner Sport Airplane
Pilot Examiner Sport Powered Parachute


Read This Before Purchasing!

In addition to installing the software on your PDA before purchase, we strongly, strongly suggest that you do the following before purchase:

Try as many features of the software as you can and make sure that it works to your satisfaction.

While Groundschool for PocketPC works fine for many PDA users, there are simply so many combinations of PDAs that we can not 100% guarantee you that it will work on yours. Therfore, TRY IT FIRST AND SEE. While of course we will be happy to respond to technical support enquiries and fix reasonable issues over time, if the software never worked properly or at all for you, you purchase it, and then you try to ask us to fix everything, we may not be able to. The software is sold on a NON-REFUNDIBLE, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY BASIS. What this means is that you need to TRY IT OUT THOROUGHLY before you buy it. If you experience problems or incompatibilities with the software in the demo version, do not assume that we will fix them after your purchase. While in some cases we may, and we are working to make the software compatible with as many devices and systems as we can, your correct response should be to ask us via our helpdesk BEFORE purchasing. This will help ensure that you are not disappointed. Thank you for your understanding.

Terms and Conditions GroundSchool for PocketPC™ / Windows Mobile™ Ordering Terms and Conditions (Please Read!)

It is very important that you read and understand the terms and conditions of purchase here, as purchase of this product is strictly non-refundable.

To better understand the terms of sale, click here to read the GroundSchool for PocketPC terms of sale FAQ.

  • GroundSchool for PocketPC is a program that works on PocketPC PDAs that have the Microsoft WindowsCE™ / Windows Mobile™ operating systems. Because of the large variety of PocketPC type systems and potential incompatibilities with some systems, we insist that all users install and try out GroundSchool for PocketPC and make sure that it is running to their satisfaction on their PDA before purchase. Do NOT attempt to purchase this product if you have not done so yet. You can download the GroundSchool for PocketPC demo here.
  • During this purchase process, you are asked to enter / confirm your Device ID. This is a code such as "GSW######" where each # is a number. You should have copy this Device ID from GeoundSchool on your PocketPC.
  • The license you are purchasing here entitles you to install the software on ONE PocketPC PDA only and is strictly non-transferrable to another person or another PocketPC PDA or other device. This means that if any of the following happen, you will need to purchase another copy of GroundSchool for PocketPC:
    • if your PocketPC breaks and you buy a new one, you will need to purchase a new copy of GroundSchool for PocketPC
    • if you mistype / misconfirm your Device ID in this screen, you will need to purchase another copy.
    • if your PDA breaks and is then sent for upgrade/repair such that such that major components are changed and thus the Device ID as reported to GroundSchool is changed, you will need to purchase another copy. Note that this should only happen if truly major repairs have been done.
    Basically, what we are saying here is that you are purchasing a copy for ONE PocketPC PDA only. Understand this. This is a fair policy and we will hold you to it. No whining later, please!
  • After you go through the purchase process, an unlock code will be emailed to you. You will need to type that unlock code into the PocketPC version of GroundSchool to unlock the software. The purchase process is secure and immediate - your unlock code will normally be e-mailed to you within moments of your order. Very occasionally, due to a temporary system issue or unavailability, it may take a bit longer.

Our order process is secure and immediate. In most cases, you can have a fully unlocked version of GroundSchool for PocketPC within moments.

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