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FAA Written Test Instructor Signoff Service  FAA Written Test Instructor Signoff Service FAA Written Test Preparation
FAA Knowledge Test Endorsemnt.


If you are using one of our apps to prepare for your FAA knowledge test, there's a free, included system that you can use to evidence your preparedness to a flight instructor or flight school. This is 'TestPrepStatus.com', a web portal where you can log in to track your own progress and also where you can give instructors/schools access to so that they can see this for yourself. To use this, you need to use the 'submit your scores' feature of the app you are using and regularly submit your scores to this. You can also make printouts of the test prep status website to show to a flight school or instructor. Most will be happy to accept this as evidence of your study and can promptly give you a signoff.
If you want to fill out an application for a signoff (either initial or retest after failure) or see what the application form looks like, select this.
If you work for a testing center and want to confirm the authenticity / validity of a signoff brought in to you, select this.
If you're not sure whether you're saving / cutting / pasting your signoff keys correctly, select this to test a key.
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Read About This Service Below
It is important that you read and understand this information before attempting to obtain a signoff through this service.

For many FAA knowledge tests, you need to get an instructor's signoff (or other accepted endorsement--for the purposes of this service, the terms 'signoff', 'endorsement', and 'authorization' are used essentially interchangably) before being allowed admission to an authorized testing center to take the test. While this is required for many tests, it is not required for all--use resources in the GroundSchool program (look under 'taking the test,' etc.) and elsewhere to determine whether you need to have a signoff for your chosen test. Generally speaking, a signoff is required for common tests such as Recreational Pilot Airplane, Private Pilot Airplane (or Helicopter), and Instrument Rating Airplane (or Helicopter).

This service allows you to get a signoff via post (mail) which you can take to an authorized testing center. This signoff will come from a certified FAA Flight/Instrument/Multiengine Instructor who also holds Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor ratings and is and who is an author of this software. Indeed, a signoff through this service is perhaps even more of a validation of your readiness than a signoff from a general flight / ground instructor because in order to get a signoff from us, you need to quantitatively prove that you are ready for the actual test by scoring highly on a series of practice tests using the GroundSchool software.

Many people can get the signoff from their local instructor. However, for others, it may be a convenient and lower-cost option to do it via this service.

Online Instructor Signoffs are currently available for the following tests ONLY:

  • PAR - Private Pilot Airplane
  • PAT - Private Pilot Airplane/Recreational Pilot - Transition
  • PBG - Private Pilot Balloon - Gas
  • PBH - Private Pilot Balloon - Hot Air
  • PGL - Private Pilot Glider
  • PGT - Private Pilot Gyroplane/Recreational Pilot - Transition
  • PHT - Private Pilot Helicopter/Rec. Pilot - Transition
  • PLA - Private Pilot Lighter-Than-Air (Airship)
  • PRG - Private Pilot Rotorcraft Gyroplane
  • PRH - Private Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter
  • RPA - Recreational Pilot Airplane
  • RPG - Recreational Pilot Gyroplane
  • RPH - Recreational Pilot Helicopter
  • AIF - Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (added rating)
  • FIH - Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter
  • FII - Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane
  • HIF - Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter (added rating)
  • IFP - Instrument Rating Foreign Pilot
  • IGI - Ground Instructor Instrument
  • IRA - Instrument Rating Airplane
  • IRH - Instrument Rating Helicopter
  • CAX - Commercial Pilot Airplane
  • CBG - Commercial Pilot Balloon - Gas
  • CBH - Commercial Pilot Balloon - Hot Air
  • CGX - Commercial Pilot Glider
  • CLA - Commercial Pilot Lighter-Than-Air (Airship)
  • CRG - Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Gyroplane
  • CRH - Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter
  • MCA - Military Competence Airplane
  • MCH - Military Competence Helicopter
  • AFA - Flight Instructor Airplane (added rating)
  • AFG - Flight Instructor Glider (added rating)
  • AGI - Ground Instructor Advanced
  • BGI - Ground Instructor Basic
  • FIA - Flight Instructor Airplane
  • FIG - Flight Instructor Glider
  • FOI - Fundamentals of Instructing
  • FRG - Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Gyroplane
  • FRH - Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Helicopter
  • GFA - Flight Instructor Gyroplane (added rating)
  • HFA - Flight Instructor Helicopter (added rating)
  • ATP - Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (121)
  • ATA - Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135)
  • ARA - Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135) (Added Rating)
  • ATH - Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (135)
  • ARH - Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (135) (Added Rating)
  • ADX - Aircraft Dispatcher
  • FEJ - Flight Engineer Turbojet (added rating)
  • FEN - Flight Engineer Reciprocating Engine/Basic
  • FEP - Flight Engineer Turboprop (added rating)
  • FER - Flight Engineer Reciprocating Engine (added rating)
  • FET - Flight Engineer Turboprop/Basic
  • FEX - Flight Engineer Turbojet/Basic
  • SPA - Sport Pilot Airplane
  • SPL - Sport Pilot Lighter-Than-Air (Airship)
  • SPI - Sport Pilot Glider
  • SPB - Sport Pilot Lighter-Than-Air (Balloon)
  • SPP - Sport Pilot Powered Parachute
  • SPV - Sport Pilot Gyroplane
  • SPW - Sport Pilot Weight-Shift-Control
  • MCI - Military Competence Airplane
This is how the service works: You use the GroundSchool PC software in 'Signoff Mode.' Signoff mode is only available for 'unlocked,' tests, that is, tests that you paid for. If you use the PC software in Signoff Mode and score greater than 90%, you are awarded with a 'signoff key,' which is an encrypted electronic record of your score. When you use the software in signoff, you must certify that you personally are the one taking the test and that you do it in a manner consistent with the actual test--that is, you may not use reference materials unavailable in the actual test or exceed the allotted time limit.

Note that `signoff mode,` and hence this service, is only available in the PC version of GroundSchool. It is NOT available in the iPhone/iPad, PocketPC, or other versions.

In order to get a signoff for an initial attempt at a given test (that is, not a re-test after a failure), you need to earn FIVE signoff keys--that is to say, you need to score 90% or better on five simulated tests in signoff mode. The (oldest of the) five simulated tests must be completed within 14 days of the day that you apply for your signoff. The signoff, once issued, will be valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

Please note that this service is discrationary. Based on FAA best practice guidelines for flight instructors and/or for any other reason, we and the flight instructors involve reserve the right to deny a signoff to any person, regardless of signoff keys earned/received. If we do decide to decline to issue a signoff for you and you have already paid for a signoff key, your payment will be refunded.

Please note that we reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time.

100% Success! To the best of our knowledge, since its inception in 2001, every single person who has used this system to get their online signoff has passed their test on the first try.

When you collect your five keys, you will copy them into an on-line application form. You will also have to enter a registration code as proof of purchase for this service. Registration codes cost $99.99 and may be purchased by clicking here (will open in new window). Registration codes are good for ONE initial signoff and ONE retest-after-failure signoff (for the same test only and only if necessary) and are strictly non-refundable.

Once you enter your five keys and registration code, the on-line internet signoff utility will check the validity of your submission. If everything is in order, your recommendation will then come mailed to you from one of our instructors, all of whom are current Flight/Instrument/Multiengine Flight Instructors and Advanced/Instrument Ground Instructors.

Thank you for your interest in this service, and we wish you the best of luck on your test!

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact options at our website.

- the FAA Certified Flight Instructors of Dauntless Software


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