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What aircraft does RideReady include?
Category: RideReady FAA Checkride Oral Exam Prep

Question / Issue:
What aircraft does RideReady include?

RideReady has built in questions and performance data for common training aircraft. The current list is current as of December 2004 and may change in the future (possibly by adding aircraft).

Please note that aircraft are included in RideReady for educational purposes only and inclusion of aircraft data in no way implies endorsement of RideReady or verification of its content by aircraft manufacturers.

Also: also remember that even if RideReady does not include the specific aircraft you fly:

  1. you can always add it as a "custom" aircraft
  2. RideReady still contains hundreds upon hundreds of questions for each checkride that is NOT aircraft type specific, and thus will still be highly, highly valuable to you in preparing for your checkride.

Airplane Titles

  • Private / Rec Pilot:
    • Cessna 150
    • Cessna 152
    • Cessna 172N
    • Cessna 172RG
    • Cessna 172SP
    • Diamond Katana
    • Piper Warrior II
  • Instrument Rating:
    • Cessna 150
    • Cessna 152
    • Cessna 172N
    • Cessna 172RG
    • Cessna 172SP
    • Diamond Katana
    • Piper Arrow II
    • Piper Warrior II
  • Commercial Pilot:
    • Same as instrument Rating
  • Flight Instructor:
    • Same as instrument Rating
  • Airline Transport:
    • Beech Duchess
    • Cessna 310
    • Piper Seminole
    • Piper Seneca
    • Piper Twin Comanche
  • MultiEngine:
    • Same as Airline Transport
Helicopter Titles
  • Private, Commercial, and Flight Instructor Helicopter:
    • Robinson R22
    • Robinson R44
    • Schweizer S300C
    • Schweizer S300 CB/CBi
  • Instrument Rating
    • The RideReady IFR helicopter title does not include aircraft specific content due to the nature of this checkride. Instead, it focuses on more appropriate Helicopter (and general) IFR procedures and knowledge.

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