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GroundSchool Canada LiveUpdate?
Category: GroundSchool Canada

Question / Issue:
I try to get LiveUpdate to work in GroundSchool CANADA but it does not work.

We have recently completely overhauled our new GroundSchool: Canada Pilot software. Therefore, in general, the LiveUpdate should work fine. If it does not, it may be due to very temporary downtime of our servers or, more likely, some problem with your internet connection (including, perhaps, some internet 'security' software that you have on your PC causing problems).

If LiveUpdate is just not working for you, then the most likely reason is that you have an old version of the software. Try visiting our CanadaPilot.com homepage and downloading a current version.

That also said, getting LiveUpdate to work is not crucial. Just download the latest version from our CanadaPilot.com website anew and this will have up-to-date content.

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