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September 25, 2016 - Safelog on Mac after Sierra OS update.  It seems unfortunately that despite our testing with a pre release version of the new MacOS sierra, our Safelog and Simplates products for Mac are not working on Sierra.  While of course it is a pity that Apple releases OS updates that break backwards app compatibility (despite our apps being developed with the latest Apple tools and in strict compliance with Apple guidelines), we will be doing everything we can to get updated versions out ASAP.  We do not yet have ETA for this, but our whole Apple team is working on this, Safelog first.  There is also a large chance that an Apple update to Sierra will fix this soon as a very large number of app developers are unhappy with Apple over this.   At any rate, we ask all affected Safelog Mac users to please use one of the alternative platforms such as Safelogweb.com or safelog for your pc, iphone/ipad, and/or android for the time being.  Mac users who have not yet upgraded to Sierra are recommende not to until Apple releases a few stability and compatibility upgrades for this problematic OS upgrade.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Number of Questions in GroundSchool vs. FAA?
Category: GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep

Question / Issue:
How does the number of questions in GroundSchool compare to the actual number of FAA questions?


Why is your question count not the same as some competitor's?


This pertains primarily to our GroundSchool FAA Written Test Prep Software and Apps.

We are sometimes asked:

"I looked at competitor's test prep book X and their book shows 990 questions. Why do you show only 700 for this test?"

The discrepancy is in the difference between "test bank" and "test."

the difference is that you are looking at only one of the possible tests made from one test bank. There are usually a handful or two possible tests made from any one test bank, so your particular test will be a subset of that bank. With GroundSchool, you study only what you need and no more.

Of course, the GroundSchool software includes the whole test bank and it is all included for one price. However, the software conveniently organizes this into tests for you to maximize your study efficiency.

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Number of Questions in GroundSchool vs. FAA?
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