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May I install on more than one computer?
Category: GroundSchool FAA Test Preparation

Question / Issue:
May I install GroundSchool on more than one computer even if I only purchased one license?

When you buy a license of our software, you are purchasing a license for YOU to use it.

So, in short, yes, you can use it, within reason, on a laptop or work computer as well as a home computer.

We hope we can trust you to not abuse this freedom. In return, we ask for your understanding that the license that you get when you register the software is non-transferrable--you may not let others use the software--even when you are finished with it.

Important: please do not abuse this right. Our policy is relatively quite generous in this regard, but we will take a zero-tolerance policy with those who attempt to 'pirate' our software. If your friend or sister or anybody else wants to use the software, please direct them to buy their OWN copy. Legitimate and honest users have nothing to fear, but our software and its associated unlock process can alert us to suspicious usage. Look - we're a small company providing a good product at a reasonable price (not to mention tons of freebies via our website). Please play fair.

How to unlock the software on more than one machine?. if you want to use the software on more than one machine, the easiest thing to do is to download and install a copy onto each machine. Download each copy directly from our www.dauntless-soft.com website and then use your unlock keycode to unlock the software once on each machine.

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