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Dauntless Affiliate and Reseller Program

Terms and Conditions Version 1.0


This document is divided into two sections - "A" sections for affiliates and "R" sections for resellers. The fundamental difference between affilaites and resellers is that:

  • affiliates direct customers to our website and typically earn a percentage of each sale made thanks to their referral via our website
  • resellers purchase our products at wholesale prices from us and then sell them on at their shops or other locations

The advantage of being an "affiliate" include that you don't have to carry any stock or have any initial investment whatsoever. The advantages of being a reseller include that the profit per sale is typically higher for resellers than it is for affiliates. Please read the section(s) that apply to you.

Anybody signed up to the Dauntless Affiliate / Reseller / Partner program is automatically eligible to be a an affiliate, reselelr, or both at the same time. It's also possible to start as an affiliate and then move on to being a pure reseller to achieve higher profits and control. Or, it's possible to do a bit of both - for example, an airplane flight school might choose to be a reseller of our FAA Written Test prep materials for, for example, Private Pilot (and therfore keep a stock of CD/DVD products onhand for selling directly to students), but also act as an affiliate for products that the particular flight school is less likely to normally have customers for - such as our Hot Air Balloon practical test preparation. It's a flexible system that you can tailor to your specific needs and to "ease into gradually" if that works for you.


Affiliate-Preface: Here's how the program works (Terms and Conditions)

Section A1: These terms and rules will likely change as time goes on

Section A2: Joining and Leaving the Program

Section A3: The affiliate interface

Section A4: Earning Commissions

Section A5: Some things upon which commissions are not paid

Section A6: Inappropriate Promotion

Section A7: Fraud, Chargebacks, and Software Piracy

Section A8: Getting Paid

Section A9: Arbitration and Conflict Resolution

Section A10: Contact us via our online helpdesk

Reseller-Preface: Here's how the program works (Terms and Conditions)

Section R1: These terms and rules will likely change as time goes on

Section R2: Purchasing products from us


Welcome to the Dauntless Software / Dauntless Aviation Affiliate (Customer Referrals) Program!

The basic goal of this program is to reward those who partner with us to sell our software and other products. We look forward to establishing honest and mutually beneficial relationships with flight instructors, FBOs, flight schools, flying clubs website owners, and similar organizations that are committed to positive promotion of aviation.

The affiliate program is a win-win-win situation:

  • Affiliates win because they get paid and they get the thanks and appreciation of customers for directing them to our products.
  • Dauntless wins because as our user community expands.
  • Customers win because this program introduces quality products for their consideration. In our experience, most people who try our stuff love it.


Affiliate-Preface - Here's how the program works (Terms and Conditions)

This affiliate program is designed to be fair for you, fair for us, and fair for the customers who will be ultimately using our products. As you can see, and as we hope you can appreciate, the terms outlined here are written in plain English - not legalese. We ask that you read this document carefully before signing up even though this is a bit long. This document is written as a series of Sections, which are numbered for easy reference. In the following, you are "the Affiliate" and we are "Dauntless". While this document may seem a bit dry, we do encourage you to read the terms and conditions in their entirety so that you can make an informed decision about joining or continuing in our affiliate program. The rules were designed to facilitate a fair and transparent affiliate program for honest and upstanding affiliates and to marginalize if not eliminate incentives and unfair loopholes for those who would be less honest or less committed to mutual benefit.


Section A1: These terms and rules will likely change as time goes on

A1.1 These terms may be amended over time

As time goes on, these rules will likely be amended, clarified, and refined by us. To participate in this program, you must agree to be bound by these rules as they are so amended. We need the reasonable ability to do this to handle unforeseen circumstances in the future and to best manage the program. Any such amendments will of course be in the scope of running the affiliate program. The rules will apply equally at all times to all members of the affiliate program.


Section A2: Joining and Leaving the Program

A2.0 Section Introduction

You may leave the program at any time and for any reason, and we may terminate your participation in the program at any time and for any reason or not accept you into the program to begin with for any time and for any reason.

A2.1 Either party may decide to terminate this relationship at any time

You may shut down your affiliate account with us at any time and for any reason. Likewise, we may terminate your participation in the program at any time and for any reason. If we owe you money under the rules presented here and we decide to terminate your account, you are still entitled to those funds (if the funds owed are above the minimum payment - see the rules pertaining to payments for full details). If we owe you money and you decide to quit the program, you should submit a request for those funds via the online affiliate console prior to quitting. No moneys will be paid or owed if your account is terminated for extreme rules violations, such as spamming, fraud, or other exceptional cases. Determination of such exceptional cases will be at our sole discretion.

A2.2 For the unusual case in which an affiliate owed us money

It should normally be rather unusual for you to owe us money under this program, since for the most part money flows here go from us to you as the result of your affiliate sales. However, if under some unusual circumstance you owe us money at the time either you quit or you are terminated from the program, that money is still due us and you should make arrangements to pay us. If it becomes exceptionally difficult to reach you and to obtain what is due through normal effort, we will be entitled to reasonable compensation for the time and costs involved in collection.

A2.3 Our right to terminate the entire affiliate program at any time

As we have the right to terminate any affiliate's participation in this program for any reason, we also have the right to terminate the affiliate program entirely.


Section A3: The affiliate interface

A3.1 Access to the Affiliate System

Each member of our affiliate program will have access to our affiliate system, which is a web-based control panel of sorts where affiliate members can perform various administrative functions related to their affiliate account, including initiating payments and seeing current balances.

A3.2 Username and Password

Each member will receive an affiliate username / password to access the online system. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to keep such information secure. The affiliate and only the affiliate will be responsible for the results of inappropriate or third party access to the system or any related system due to password leaks.

A3.3 Availability of online affiliate system

The online affiliate system will normally be available via the web. However, it may be unavailable at times for technical or other reasons.

A3.4 These terms and conditions available via the online system

The affiliate interface will contain a link to the current copy of the terms and conditions.


Section A4: Earning Commissions

A4.1 How affiliates earn commissions

The way that affiliates earn money under this program is by directing others to goods and services that we have for sale on our website and those others make purchases via our website.

A4.1 Affiliate Percentage Rate

The affiliate commission rate is 15% of the sale price of the downloadable/virtual/electronic items and 5 to 10% for physical items that are shipped to the user (we set the exact rate depending on the specifics of each item). It stands to note that at the time of this writing, this commission rate is very substantially higher than that of amazon.com or nearly any other legitimate affiliate program that we know of. Additionally, note that at the time of this writing the vast majority of sales via our website tend to be for downloadable/virtual/electronic products.

A4.2 You do not handle customer money

Customers will be making purchases directly via our website. You do not collect money from customers in this affiliate program.

A4.3 Your affiliate ID – what it is and how to use it

Each affiliate will be given a unique ID. Examples of this are "SpringfieldFBO" and "JohnSmithCFI". The normal way for you to get affiliate credits is for this ID to be associated with the customer's order at the time of order. This can happen in a few different ways:

  • If you are linking to our website from your website, then you can add your affiliate ID as part of the URL used to link to us. This will automatically cause our system to show you as the "active" affiliate for that web visit, a fact that will be shown on screen in a clearly visible way to the user. Furthermore, the affiliate connection will usually be repeated to the user during the product purchase/checkout process.
  • If your affiliate activity consists of giving out physical items to potential customers such as demo CDs, flyers, and so forth, then such items should have your affiliate ID printed or written on them by either you or us. Upon visiting our website and especially during the checkout process, customers will be prompted to enter in this code. It is our pledge to make the places to enter this code both obvious and numerous. After all, if we had a short term view of this, we'd cynically hide such affiliate places in an attempt to in effect "steal" commissions from our affiliates. However, we take a much more long-term view of things which states that we benefit more if we get more active and good affiliates. We encourage you to visit our website (and even try a dry run at a product purchase) to see just how clearly and obviously we encourage customers to enter affiliate IDs if they have them. We believe that we must surely rank among the most visible and obvious companies for doing this honestly and openly – if you disagree or feel that we can do more, we encourage you to contact us and we can discuss this.
  • After an affiliate code is entered, that affiliate code will persist (via "cookies") for up to 24 hours. This helps ensure an affiliate sale even if the user closes his/her browser and comes back a few hours later. Should the user link or otherwise enter another affiliate code at any point, the later code will take precedence.
  • The question might arise "why would a customer bother entering an affiliate ID by hand?" As you probably know, our business of aviation is in some ways a highly personal one. People in aviation can and will give you credit because you and/or your organization mean something to them. In our experience, the vast, vast majority of people who are clearly with such codes and go on to make a purchase indeed do properly credit the affiliate.

For specifics of how to use the affiliate program and/or how to order materials that will help you stir on your affiliate sales, please see the main menu of the online affiliate system.

A4.4 Retroactive Commissions

We leave open the possibility that a customer may purchase something but forget to enter your affiliate ID For this case, we have created a "retroactive commission" request feature in the affiliate control panel. Basically, if you suspect that somebody has purchased something but has forgotten to properly credit you, then you must contact that person yourself and obtain their ORDER NUMBER (this begins with a U, typically). You will need to enter this order number into the retroactive commission page within 7 days of the placement of the order along with an explanation of why you feel you are due a retroactive commission. Our staff will review such requests and then grant or not grant the commission based on the following guidelines:

  • The idea of retroactive commissions is to provide credit to those who legitimately directed a customer to our site.
  • It is NOT for cases where for example an affiliate CFI finds out that his student has purchased our products without the CFI's direction or knowledge and now the CFI wants to claim credit on it.
  • It is furthermore not for any other cases where the affiliate provided the affiliate ID after the fact or so forth. For example, one can imagine a message board post fishing for commissions and saying "If you purchased from dauntless in the last 7 days please send me your order number." Retroactive commission requests based on such activity will not be honored.
  • We also reserve the right to limit, or at least highly question retroactive requests if a given affiliate simply has too many of them. We expect such requests to be rare exceptions – if a significant portion of your sales necessitate such retroactive credit requests, we'll have to figure out why this is happening (maybe discussing with you why your customers are missing this repeatedly and so forth).

A4.5 Non-competition with Dauntless' advertising

Key to the affiliate program is that you (and your advertising and promotion, effectively) are directly responsible for the sale. If a visitor comes to our website(s) via a Dauntless advertising link (banner ad, text ad, etc) on Google, Yahoo, certain aviation sites or other locations, there will be no affiliate credit paid to you as it can be rightly surmised that the customer arrived as a result of our advertising efforts independent of the affiliate prorgam. It stands to note that if a customer arrives at our website as a result of a regular Google (or other web page) link, this will not under most circumstances cause a "dauntless" affiliate cookie to be set, however, advertising links will.


Section A5: Some things upon which commissions are not paid

A5.1 Taxes/VAT are not counted in commissions paid.

The company that processes orders for us charges customers the appropriate tax or VAT based on their location and other factors. We (Dauntless) are generally unaware of the specifics of this as this is a highly technical exercise. For the purposes of this affiliate program, the key thing to understand is that you will be credited based on the pre-tax price of the item. For example, if a customer purchases an item for $30 and pays $4 tax/VAT on this, then your commission will be based on a purchase price of $30, not $34.

A5.2 Shipping and handling charges are not counted in commissions paid

Some items that we sell are physical items that are shipped to the customer. The customer typically pays a shipping/handling charge (also known as "postage and packing") in addition to the item price. In such cases, affiliate commissions will not be paid on any shipping/handling charges collected from the customer. In some cases the breakdown between item cost and shipping/handling is not necessarily clear in our system – in such cases, reasonable shipping/handling charges will be used in calculations.

A5.3 At-cost / cost pass-through / charity items are not eligible for commissions

We leave open the possibility that at some point in the future we may provide at-cost items to users as a service. For example, we have in the past sold-on certain third-party aviation manuals to our existing software customers at cost as a favor to our customer. While this is not likely to occur often and has at the time of this writing has happened maybe twice in the past, if it does in the future, there will be no commissions paid on such items. We include this possibility largely because we may at some point for example raise money for charity (such as hypothetical cancer support / cancer charity items) by offering items at cost.

A5.4 Products not covered by this affiliate program

It is our goal to credit affiliate commissions on most of our products, including our principal aviation and other products which constitute the bulk of sales via our website. However, not all of our products and services are necessarily so creditable to affiliates. For example, some products might not be credited for technical reasons, and affiliate commissions are not credited for sundry services such as contracted technical/professional services/consulting, FAA knowledge test signoff services, and other such, generally relatively minor or infrequently purchased services. If you feel that a given product has not been correctly considered for credit, please contact us and we will discuss it. We do not anticipate any significant conflicts with our affiliates as a result of this rule as most products are indeed covered under the affiliate program.


Section A6: Inappropriate Promotion

A6.0 Section Introduction

You may promote our products only in ways that are both legally and socially acceptable. Furthermore, as an affiliate you must agree to only promote our products in neutral or positive ways. As a general rule, if we get complaints about your promotional activity from others then what you are doing is likely to be at least questionable and may put you in violation of the program's rules.

A6.1 Spam

You MAY advertise our products via email. However, you may not do so via unsolicited commercial email (SPAM). It is not our intention to define spam here precisely - spam tends to be more something that "you know it when you see it." If you have a list of your existing aviation users in your organization or client list for example, an email to them which encourages them to purchase our software is certainly reasonable. However, blindly sending out solicitations to ten million people using a list of purchased email addresses certainly is not. We will not tolerate spamming and will cancel any and all affiliate payments and payments due to those who spam. Please note, by "spam" here we refer not only to email spam, but all sorts of electronic variations, including message board/forum spam and the like.

A6.2 Litter

We may provide to our affiliates brochures, pamphlets, and other materials which may be used to promote our products. The intention is that such material be given directly to interested parties and/or distributed in a socially and environmentally responsible way. For example, if we receive word from some flight school that somebody has dumped affiliate material / pamphlets all over their premises without their permission and in an untidy and irresponsible way, we will treat this just like spam. You will not receive affiliate payments of any sort as a result of such actions. Generally, an affiliate who acts reasonably and asks permission where appropriate will have little problems.

A6.3 Tone of Promotion

Our products must be promoted in a generally positive light, or at least a neutral one. Again, it's hard to define exactly the rules here, but in general we demand that our affiliates treat our brand, logo, and related matters respectfully.

A6.4 Adult and Objectionable material

For the most part, we aim to be selective with our affiliate program and to offer it to parties that show a legitimate connection to our products. However, we must generally insist that our products be displayed only in a "family friendly way" in order to appeal to all of our users. This means, for example, that promotion of our products should not occur in conjunction with adult or otherwise largely seen to be questionable or highly controversial material. This is not to say that we discourage promotion by groups with particular political or other causes. The general rule here is "if respected companies such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola would consider advertising with such parties / in such places, then it's ok with us."


Section A7: Fraud, Chargebacks, and Software Piracy

A7.0 Section Introduction

Historically, Dauntless has enjoyed very low levels of credit card / purchase fraud. Our internal fraud rate has typically fallen well below 0.1% of our total customers, and we hope that this affiliate program will not significantly change this. However, we understand that opening up an affiliate program such as this might open us up to fraud from certain affiliates, either because of the affiliate himself/herself or because of particular customers that the affiliate brings in. Clearly, minimizing fraud is in the interest of our company.

Fraud against our company typically happens in three ways, which we will call "major", "minor", and "accidental" for the purposes of this document.

A7.1 "Major Fraud" defined

"Major fraud" occurs when, for example, a stolen credit card is used to purchase our software. Since our software is typically delivered immediately to the end-user customer, this can mean that the fraudster immediately unlocks the software and then the money credited to us from his purchase is withdrawn at a later date when the legitimate cardholder files a complaint with his/her card company. The company that handles credit card orders for us has very extensive security features in place to minimize this sort of activity and our software further has internal means to identify, report, and possibly take action against fraudsters, but even so occasional instances of such fraud are not out of the question.

A7.2 "Minor Fraud" defined

"Minor fraud" (the qualifier "minor" here does not here refer to the seriousness of the fraud - both types are equally serious) refers to the situation when an otherwise legitimate customer attempts to play games with their credit card chargeback mechanism to commit fraud on us. A typical example is this: user X decides that he wants to be a pilot, so he finds our site and sees our software. He installs it on his PC, decides he likes it, and so he purchases it. A few months later, it seems his aviation ambitions haven't quite led to anything concrete and so what he does is call up his credit card, and fraudulently declares that our company has not delivered what it promised. As credit card companies tend to do, the company immediately issues a chargeback, and the unscrupulous customer feels that he is shielded by the fact that we won't bother to pursue such a small amount. Occasionally, such unscrupulous customers point to some imagined or minor fault in our products to try to justify their claim. Such actions are entirely dishonest and contrary to cardholder agreements, which almost all do not allow for the chargeback mechanism to be used in cases where the vendor delivers exactly what was promised as we do - a try before you buy, non-refundable products. In such cases, we again activate the internal anti-fraud mechanisms in our software and contact the fraudster's bank and, where seems appropriate, employer, and FAA/other agencies as necessary. Such dishonest people raise the cost of credit and products for us all, but, fortunately they too are a bottom-feeding minority. We generally do go to the trouble to report the issue to their banks because banks eventually "black ball" such people after sufficient reports, though we are not always able to recover our payment.

A7.3 "Accidental Fraud" defined

Lastly, there is a third type of fraud, which is not really international fraud, so let's call it "accidental fraud." This happens when for example Ms. Y purchases the software online using her credit card. In the Y family, Mr. Y pays the credit card bills. He does not recognize the SWREG/Dauntless entry on the credit card bill, and, rather than take reasonable steps to sort the problem, he immediately calls the bank and gets a chargeback. In form, this is very similar to "minor fraud" though the intention of the person is different different. Often, we can clear up such cases simply by contacting the purchaser and going through a lengthy series of steps to re-charge their card. Occasionally, we are unsuccessful at recovery for a number of reasons, but more often than not honest people make mistakes and work with us to rectify them.

A7.4 What happens when fraud occurs?

In the case of major fraud, minor fraud, and unrecovered accidental fraud, the results are the same: we do not get paid for our products / services. As a result, we cannot offer commissions on such sales—that is, if we do not get paid, then we naturally cannot (and will not) pay the affiliate for this transaction. The other reality is that it often takes many months for such fraud to reveal itself to us by the time the whole process is complete. Therefore, by default all affiliate commissions are delayed by default for four months (this basically ensures that we are covered to the end of a given credit card cycle plus 90 days) before any commission is payable to an affiliate. If an affiliate has a large fraud rate or we have otherwise reason to suspect that many of the orders may indeed down the line prove to be fraudulent (such as because of addresses or IP addresses of orders resolving to traditionally fraud-prone areas), we reserve the right to delay payment for a reasonable time to ensure that the orders are not fraudulent. Conversely, if we have a long history of good relationship with a given affiliate, we may at our discretion reduce the default period to as low as (but not less than) two months. This policy is in line with that of many affiliate sites.

A7.5 Software Piracy

Another problem that we face regularly is that of software piracy (copyright infringement, software license violation, etc). Fortunately, most of our users are honest people who show their appreciation for our good, reasonably priced products by adhering to the terms of license that we offer. However, unfortunately, a certain percentage are not. Our systems have methods to detect and deter software piracy and we can and will de-activate software license that have been violated and in extreme situations we reserve the right of legal and civil action against infringers.

It is unreasonable for affiliates to somehow know whether their customers are going to engage in software piracy if the customer is basically unknown to them. However, we expect that some affiliates will be using this affiliate program to sell to an internal audience, such as an instructor at a flight school selling to his/her students. In such cases, if there are acts of software piracy that the affiliate could reasonably be expected to be cognizant of or could be expected to prevent through normal monitoring, then the Dauntless may apply the following remedies: 1. Cancel all affiliate payments for the affected license(s). 2. Charge the cost of the pirated software against any positive balance in the affiliate has. 3. Use all other means at our disposal to recover the full balance


Section A8: Getting Paid

A8.1 Minimum payout

A key point of this program is that we want to establish an ongoing and mutually profitable relationship with quality affiliates. It is not fundamentally desirable for either us or the affiliates who do work with us consistently or loyally for us to pay commissions to people who do not engage in a long-term relationship with us or who try to use membership in the affiliate program in an attempt to effectively get a discount on a small personal purchase. Because of this, the program has a minimum payout level of USD $50. At a 17.5% commission rate, $50 in commissions results from only $285.72 of sales, which at the time of this writing is equivalent to the sale price of approximately 8 or 9 of our common FAA written test preparation software titles. Such a sales figure, we believe, is easily within the reach of even a part-time flight instructor who makes a conscientious effort to let his/or her students know about our materials but also high enough to weed out uncommitted affiliates.

The minimum payout figure means that if you as an affiliate have a balance payable of less than this figure then this money will not be paid to you until and only if your balance payable grows to a figure greater to or equal to this minimum payout figure. Furthermore, if your account becomes dormant, you will forfeit any affiliate balance that may have accumulated in your account (see below).

A8.2 Initiating a Payment

When your current and creditable balance is at or above the minimum payment threshold, you may initiate a payment to yourself. To do this, log in to the affiliate control panel, locate the payments section, and initiate a payment request. Payment requests are handled manually by our staff – if they see a request, they will act upon it as appropriate. Occasionally, it may take up to several days for your request to be acted upon – it's not necessarily automated and this depends mostly on the work / office schedule of the person handling this. If there is a significant delay, contact us via our helpdesk ask.

We will pay you in one of the following ways:

  • PayPal. For relatively small amounts, you will typically be paid via PayPal. PayPal accounts are free at PayPal.com, though you are responsible for any fees associated with receiving money that some PayPal accounts charge. Usually this fee is nominal and often it is zero.
  • Check/cheque. In some cases, we may write you a check in USD. In some cases there may be a charge for this. We have yet to issue checks for this at the time of this writing, so we'll see.
  • Credit towards a Dauntless Product. You can use your accumulated credit for purchase of Dauntless Aviation products at a 50% discount. The key here is that the dauntless product(s) so purchased must be for your OWN use only – that is that they must be registered to the same individual who is the affiliate program member. Please contact us via our helpdesk if you are interested in such a deal, and specify exactly which product you want.
  • Other methods – typically these need to be arranged in advance. Please contact us via our helpdesk if this applies to you.

Payment methods are at our discretion. We tend to try to pay affiliates with PayPal, as this makes the paper trail easier. However, if you become a major affiliate and the sums become larger, other methods may be considered.

A8.3 Dormant Accounts

Accounts which have had no affiliate sales credited to them for a period of 547 days (approximately 18 months) will automatically become dormant. Any balances in dormant accounts will be forfeited to Dauntless at the end of the day 547 days from the last sale made. We primarily believe that dormancy will apply to effectively inactive accounts with little or no balance (that is, unsuccessful or uncommitted affiliates). However, the dormancy rules apply equally to all affiliates no matter what their balance – therefore, if you have a claimable balance and anticipate a long period of dormancy, we encourage you to claim this so that you will be paid for your efforts.

A8.4 Seeing your sales and balances

Affiliates can see what sales have been credited to their affiliate account through their affiliate control panel. The specific details of the customer(s) involved will be obscured to protect customer privacy, but, in general, you will be able to see details such as which product was purchased, for how much, and what your corresponding affiliate commission for that sale will nominally be.

Additionally, there will be a "status" field which indicates the status of the sale:

  • Status "Credited" means that a purchase was made, the required fraud-prevention waiting time (see the rule on "Fraud" for more details) has passed, and therefore the amount for this sale has been added to your "Affiliate Sales Credit" balance.
  • Status "Scheduled to be Credited on (date)" means that a purchase was made, but the funds for the purchase have not yet been added to your "Affiliate Sales Credit" because it is still in the required fraud-prevention waiting period. Should fraud be detected, these funds will of course never be added to your affiliate sales credit (see the rule on "Fraud" for more details).
  • "Retroactive Credit Request Pending" means that you made a request for a retroactive credit but this request has not yet been approved or denied by our administrators.
  • Status "No Credit" indicates that the order is not credited to your affiliate sales credit and is not scheduled to be credited to your affiliate sales credit. Reasons for an order to have such a status are varied and may include for example cases of credit card / purchase fraud, substantive failure of the user to live up to the terms of license (other user fraud or abuse), violation of the affiliate program rules when the order was placed (including spamming and other abuses) or other reasons as outlined in this document.
  • Status "No Credit – Retroactive Credit Request Denied" means that your retroactive credit request was turned down by our administrators. If your request were accepted, it would be listed simply as "Credited."

A8.5 Currency

All amounts in our system are in US dollars. All of our products are denominated in US dollars. This includes our Canadian, European, Australian, and other products, even if there also happens to be a price listed in a non-USD currency on our website. Everything is in US dollars, including payment to you. If we pay you, it will be in US dollars and you will be responsible for any and all fees associated with conversion of the funds from US dollars to your local currency if you so choose.

A8.6 Taxes/VAT.

If as the result of your participation in this program you are paid for your commissions, you are responsible for paying any all taxes on such income as required by law where you are located. We do not pay taxes for you and do not normally provide tax documentation for your records - you are welcome to print out screenshots from our online affiliate system for such purposes as necessary. Furthermore, we are not tax advisors and cannot advise on tax issues relating to participation in this program. The only exception to this might be in the future if we are dealing with a particularly large / successful affiliate and the amount of money involved is substantial, then we will make reasonable accommodation.


Section A9: Arbitration and Conflict Resolution

This affiliate program is intended to be a highly automated system. It is managed by Dauntless and we intend to run it fairly and openly. It would be too much disruption to our operations to rely on external mediation / arbitration should conflict arise with our affiliates. Therefore, we insist that WE HAVE THE FINAL WORD IN ALL CONFLICTS AND NEGOTIATIONS, AND NO APPEAL IN ANY FORUM OR ANY JURISDICTION WHATSOEVER IS POSSIBLE. We will endeavor to be fair and reasonable, but we must insist on the final word. If you are unable to accept this condition, please do not join or participate in this program. Please understand that this is not us trying to be dictatorial - it is more our trying to run a smooth operation without unnecessary distraction.


Section A10: Contact us via our online helpdesk

We're committed to helping you out and answering your questions as necessary. If you are unable to find what you need via this interface or have questions or suggestions for us, you can reach us via our helpdesk, which is available online at www.dauntless-soft.com/helpdesk. The portal for affiliates to get support is the helpdesk.





Reseller-Preface - Here's how the program works (Terms and Conditions)

This reseller program is designed you and us by essentially a standard manufacturer-retailer arrangement. In short, we produce goods, sell them on to you in bulk and/oor at a discount price, and then you sell them to end-user and other customers at prices at or around the suggested retail price. As this arrangement is a bit more straightfoward than that of our affiliate prorgam, the list of terms and conditions is arguably a bit shorter than that of the affiliate program, but you should read it nevertheless, as all reseller transactions are bound by the terms and conditions presented herein.


Section R1: These terms and rules will likely change as time goes on

R1.1 These terms may be amended over time

As time goes on, these rules will likely be amended, clarified, and refined by us. To participate in this program, you must agree to be bound by these rules as they are so amended. We need the reasonable ability to do this to handle unforeseen circumstances in the future and to best manage the program. Any such amendments will of course be in the scope of running the reseller program. The rules will apply equally at all times to all members of the reseller program.


Section R2: Purchasing products from us

R2.1 How to Purchase Products for Resale

You can purchase products for resale through our affiliate/resller/partner portal (see for a further description, see the relevant section in the "Affiliate" part above). This is a highly automated system, which allows for efficiencies that allow us to keep prices low for you. The price you will pay for products will depend on the type and quantity of products purchased and also your standing as a reseller with us - loyal and active reseller sthose who have purchased much from us in the past may be eligible for special offers and discounts. In general, the discount that resellers get from suggested retail price / regular retail price (SRP/RRP) is substantially greater than that which affiliates earn in commission. However, the tradeoff is that resellers are expected to pay for their stock "up front." Under normal circumstances, payment for products is expected immediately. We do not normally offer credit or delayed invoicing facilities due to the fact that our products are relatively inexpensive, and the costs and hassless associated with such delayed billing are prohibitive. That said, special allowance on this front may be made in some cases for very high volume wholesalers. In general, however, it's a simple matter of "select what you want, pay for it, and we will ship it to you so that you can sell it to your customers."

R2.1 When will your products arrive?

Under normal circumstances, your products should arrive within a few days (USA customers) or a few weeks (International) of purchase. We will strive to inform you of any delays or backorders as soon as we can if they should occur. If you require expidited products, please contact us before ordering to enquire.


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