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SPX: Any error messages involving PolarZipLight component

PolarZipLight is a popular and powerful component used by many software programs to add the capability of reading compressed archives. SimPlates uses it, in part, to access individual plates from its library.

Unfortunately, some malicious software writers have used this component as well in their creation of malware. Ridiculously, in response to this, some anti-virus / Internet "security" suites have overzealously decided to prevent this common and useful component from being insalled on PCs. This basically represents laziness / incompetence on the part of the 'security' software writers.

So far, in all cases that people have reported problems with this component, the issue has been that their security software has protected them from installing this common and safe component.

If you are haviing problems, the answer is to DISABLE your security / anti-virus software and try again. IMPORTANT: much security software is notoriously difficult to disable. We have had many cases where people THIHK they have disabled it, but really haven't.

Don't believe us? Then please try this: if you're still having problems, please visit the web pages of Polar Software. PolarZipLight is available as a FREE download. A FAQ is available there, too, which explains the issue in further detail, too.

Basically, one of two things will happen if you try to install PolarZipLight from Polar Software's pages onto your PC:

  • Case 1: Success!. If the installation succeeds, then you should be able to run SimPlates without further errors.
  • Case 2: Failure. If the installation of PolarZipLight by itself fails, then you have some proof that something is going on that is not really SimPlates's doing. Again, the very very likely culprit for this is your antivirus/security software.

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