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Update doesn't work
Category: Name That Plane

Question / Issue:
I tried the program's built-in update, but it doesn't seem to work.

In some cases, it may be that our server is temporarily unavailable for technical reasons. If you suspect this, please wait a bit and try again.

However, in most cases, the problem stems from security settings on your PC. Specifically, you have not given this program permission to use the Internet. You need to go into your firewall / security settings to allow this. This problem is particularly acute for people who have newer PCs / operating systems. The FAQ document at our helpdesk may be provide some guidance for this, but in general because there are so many possible gsecurityh programs out there, we canft know each one, so you may have to figure this out by yourself.

Note: searching in this helpdesk under 'vista' may help you find some solutions to your security settings issue.

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